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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds (Dutch Passion) | True North Seed — 29 Jul 2016 This strain was originall imported from South Africa, but it now produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% Sativa. It has large long budleaves, its buds are also large and long with lots of resin. It has a sweet licorice or anis.


Who has the best Durban Poison? - 420 Magazine — 28 Nov 2009 I'm looking for experienced opinions on which seedbank carries the best PURE Durban Poison strain. Cannabis Seeds - Marijuana Seeds - Buy Pukka Seeds Online Enjoy the Poison!! My first was Anyone else care to share opinions/ experience with the pure Durbans or the Durban/Skunk crosses?


Durban Poison - CanadianSeedBankcaDurban Poison is a very fast finishing pure sativa with a good sweet taste and strong physical marijuana high similar to many Thai varieties. These plants produce large marijuana buds that are well known for their resistance to disease and mold. The marijuana seeds are specially selected from crops grown in the wild in 


Durban Poison Seeds - Strain History – Feminized, Autoflowering — “South African Durban Poison was first introduced by me. I got maybe 100 seeds from South Africa (gifted from Mel Frank) and grew them in California in the late 70's. Most were hermaphrodite, small calyxes, as well as not so great buds. But I saw the potential for an early Sativa so I worked with it for a few years to clean it 

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