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10 Strongest Weed Strains Of 2017 (So Far) - Herb — 1 Apr 2017 Manali West's Nova OG may be the highest testing cannabis strain in history. Manali West, a cultivation company that specializes in rare and unique strains and concentrates, and they've certainly created a potent plant. Featuring 35.6 percent THC, this strain is an extremely potent, top-shelf, designer bud.


Nova OG marijuana seed 10 pack - $19900 : Cannabis, Culture — 18 Jul 2017 Cannabis Nova OG marijuana seed 10 pack - An indica-dominant strain, Nova combines genetics from Star Dawg guava cut X OG Diesel. The aroma is subtle, but sweet woody notes with spicy pepper undertones can be detected on the exhale. 32% THC.


The Strongest Marijuana Strains in 2017 - CannabisReportsorg — 4 Oct 2017 The Nova OG strain might be the highest ever tested strain in the history of marijuana. The company that produces this strain is Manali West, which is a marijuana cultivation company that focuses on unique and rare concentrates and strains. Nova OG is highly potent, going up to 35.6 percent in THC.

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