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Dilbert Cartoon Creator Wishes Pro-Lifers "Would Die a — The Dilbert cartoon brilliantly satirizes our dysfunctional work environments in which bosses are stupid and workers are demoralized or just plain nuts. The strip is one of my favorites. Imagine my dismay to learn that Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, says he literally “hates my [f-word] guts” and that he wishes me “to die a long and horrible death.”


Mort Walker Dies: Creator of ‘Beetle Bailey’ Cartoon Was — Mort Walker, the creator of a comic strip that brought laughter to millions by showing the foibles of a lazy G.I., and who later founded the first museum dedicated to cartooning, has died. He was 94 and passed way from pneumonia at his Stamford, Conn. home, according to Bill Morrison, president of

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