Subway Locations Near Me Now,Customer Service, Phone Number

Customer Service (US): 1-800-888-4848 Tip on how to Talk to a Human: Press 85 at the prompt, then 1 Call Time Average Wait: 9 mins — Open:  24 hours, 7 days

The advantage of Google Maps is that the service will detect automatically your location with the help of GPS or IP address. The results also include the Subway opening hours, local telephone numbers and reviews from customers.

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Subway is one of the most successful franchises in the world today, it is an American restaurant that provides a fast food cuisine (mainly sandwiches and salads) to their customers in the USA, Canada, UK, India and in more places around the world.

Founded: Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. (August 28, 1965) Founders: Fred DeLuca & Peter Buck. Headquarters: Milford, Connecticut, U.S. Products: Submarine sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas (Only in some locations) Slogan:  “Eat Fresh”. Number of Subway restaurants in the World: 43,913 in 111 countries (2015). Number of Subway restaurants in USA: 26,972 (2015). Subway is currently the largest restaurant chain in the world.

Subway Locations

Whether you’re located in New York City, Houston, Chicago, or in another place, select your location below to find Subway nearby.

  • 12 Inch Steak & Cheese Sub
  • 12 Inch Roast Beef Sub
  • 12 cookies

We have also listed the Subway holiday hours, general opening hours, corporate addresses, the best location finder Apps and all Subway customer service phone numbers.

Subway has recently introduced a worldwide restaurant locator, which is located at:

1609 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 353-4511 (213) 353-4565

Where can I find Subway locations near me? I would like to locate a subway location around my area.

  • New York City
  • San Diego
  • San Antonio
  • Philadelphia
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas
  • San Jose
  • Chicago

3) Use the search box on this page to locate a store around your area. Here are a few good examples of how to search:

The company close only for one holiday, Christmas Eve. Individual Subway restaurant owners can choose to close or close early on the holidays below. Most close for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Call your local Subway first to be sure.

Below the map of the locations, you will see information about all the restaurants in the city, including opening hours, phone numbers and other services available.

Subway Sandwich

“The food is good, the customer service is TERRIBLE. They don’t listen. They don’t get the order r…”

Yes, Subway is considered to be a healthy fast-food restaurant.

2550 S. Alameda Street #F Vernon, CA 90058 (323) 233-2770 (323) 233-2820

  • England Subway locations (9)
  • Illinois Subway locations (1278)
  • Montana Subway locations (90)
  • Florida Subway locations (1503)
  • FR
  • British Columbia Subway locations (8)
  • CN Subway locations (2)
  • West Virginia Subway locations (156)
  • Pennsylvania Subway locations (921)
  • Great Britain
  • California Subway locations (2856)
  • Mississippi Subway locations (266)
  • Scotland Subway locations (7)
  • Occitanie Subway locations (2)
  • Utah Subway locations (194)
  • Rhode Island Subway locations (90)
  • Indiana Subway locations (684)
  • Oregon Subway locations (340)
  • New Hampshire Subway locations (79)
  • Washington Subway locations (573)
  • District of Columbia Subway locations (85)
  • Alberta Subway locations (9)
  • North Dakota Subway locations (65)
  • Iowa Subway locations (293)
  • Nevada Subway locations (205)
  • Kansas Subway locations (279)
  • Madrid Subway locations (1)
  • Michigan Subway locations (999)
  • South Carolina Subway locations (392)
  • Massachusetts Subway locations (436)
  • Colorado Subway locations (443)
  • Steiermark Subway locations (1)
  • Nova Scotia Subway locations (2)
  • Ohio Subway locations (1264)
  • Canada
  • New York Subway locations (1301)
  • Texas Subway locations (1898)
  • New Jersey Subway locations (453)
  • Minnesota Subway locations (535)
  • Manitoba Subway locations (71)
  • Upper-Normandy Subway locations (1)
  • Missouri Subway locations (554)
  • Ontario Subway locations (136)
  • New Mexico Subway locations (141)
  • North Carolina Subway locations (833)
  • Wyoming Subway locations (59)
  • Tennessee Subway locations (612)
  • Louisiana Subway locations (441)
  • Vermont Subway locations (31)
  • Prince Edward Island Subway locations (2)
  • Saxony-Anhalt Subway locations (2)
  • South Dakota Subway locations (79)
  • IE
  • Arizona Subway locations (461)
  • PR
  • Oklahoma Subway locations (359)
  • DE
  • United States
  • Georgia Subway locations (895)
  • Alaska Subway locations (53)
  • Maine Subway locations (122)
  • Nebraska Subway locations (201)
  • Arkansas Subway locations (281)
  • Connecticut Subway locations (373)
  • Alsace Subway locations (1)
  • Kentucky Subway locations (442)
  • Wisconsin Subway locations (612)
  • Spain
  • Northern Ireland Subway locations (2)
  • AT
  • Maryland Subway locations (461)
  • Virginia Subway locations (697)
  • Idaho Subway locations (122)
  • Hawaii Subway locations (114)
  • Alabama Subway locations (458)
  • San Juan Subway locations (2)
  • Quebec Subway locations (20)
  • Delaware Subway locations (56)
  • County Dublin Subway locations (2)
  • Saskatchewan Subway locations (5)

The restaurants of Subway can be found on main roads in every city, and also in the dining area of many malls around the United States.

Most Subway restaurants are open daily from 7 am to 8 pm, there are restaurants that are open 24 hours, see more information below.

1) Use the official Subway locator here to find a restaurant near you, simply enter a location in the search box and press enter, you will see a map that looks like this:

Map of Subway Restaurants in New York City

The store locator is quite effective and you can search for either city, post code or country. The results include opening hours and store location on a map.

If you need to call Subway customer service then the number below is the number with the easiest access.

“This Subway sucks! I arrived just before closing, at 9:58pm (their clock). Doors were unlocked…”

Map of Los Angeles, CA Location

  • Find Subway restaurants in [my city] now.
  • Subway around Washington DC
  • Subway locations in Amsterdam

If you are contacting your local restaurant, you will need to call during business hours. Typically, Subway restaurants are open 7am to 10pm, local time, in the US. would like to place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. To find out more about the cookies on our website, please see our Cookie Policy.

“Ordered foot long meatball marinara and 3 halfs- chicken ranch cheese melt, a tuna salad and an I…”

“Food is good, but restaurant does not honor their coupons. Charged me twice even with a coupon t…”

Firehouse Subs

Subway is a world wide brand of sandwich restaurants with many locations around the world. Here you can read the answers on how to find Subway near you.

Map of Los Angeles, CA Location

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Thanksgiving New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday George Washington’s Birthday Memorial Day The Fourth of July Labor Day Columbus Day Veteran’s Day Easter

Eat fresh with Subway. Pick up sandwiches fast with healthy and fresh ingredients. Use our Subway restaurant locator list to find the location near you and learn which locations get the best reviews.

Subway Near Me

The first step in finding Subway nearby is to choose your current location, after you’ve selected a name of a place (e.g. New York, Chicago etc.) you will be asked to select a zip code, select the zip code and than you will be able to see a list of restaurants close by in the chosen postal code, select the nearest address of store from the list and you can see the store details which includes a street address, a phone number and the full business hours.

“Terrible service that makes me sick to the stomach. The two female employees that made my sandwic…”

Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to search for Subway restaurants around your current location at

Locations Near Me Now would like to place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. To find out more about the cookies on our website, please see our Cookie Policy

“We visited the Subway near the South County Shopping Center in St. Louis, last week. We had been…”

As we all know, Subway has many locations in the U.S and around the world, we are doing our best to update this site with lists of restaurants in all areas in the United States of America.

2) Search for Subway around your location on Google maps to find a restaurant close to you. Here is a map of all the subway locations that you can find on Google maps.

Start by simply choosing a state below to find your favorite Subway restaurant location.

“Staff is friendly and makes suggestions to improve on sandwich.”

Welcome to Find Subway Restaurants Near Me: Store Hours and Locations

801 S Hope Street Suite C Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 629-8888 (213) 629-8889

Customers can send a mail to this address: Subway Corporate Headquarters 325 Bic Rd. Millford, CT 06460, US.

One of the most, if not the most popular sandwich restaurant chain in the all world, Subway is a solution for fast, but fresh food, which is sold for cheap prices.

Where there is a Subway restaurant near me open now? Looking for a sandwich nearby your location? Using this locator you can locate the closest restaurants and shops to you. Select from the cities below to find the nearest Subway store around you in the U.S.

Looking for a Subway restaurant near you open now? Below you can locate the closest Subway locations to you, and see what are the opening hours and locations of each store.

This is an informative website, our mission is to help you find Subway near your location. Note that we ain’t got any direct connection to Subway whatsoever. Have you found a mistake on this site? Need help to find a Subway location near you? Contact us by email and we will gladly help.

“Here is my 2 cents on the food and chit chat. First the food. The only reason I go here is for th…” is not associated with Subway corporation, the information provided on this site can be found on the official website of the company.

Note: this is not the official Subway sandwiches website and we highly recommend to check all of the details that you need in the official website of the company.

Subway Broadway Restaurant Information

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Map of Vernon, CA Location

  • Subway in Phoenix, AZ
  • Subway in New York City, NY
  • Subway in Philadelphia, PA
  • Subway in Houston, TX

Not sure where is the nearest restaurant in your area? No problem, you can also find Subway restaurants near you using Google maps.

The goal of this site is to provide info about all Subway restaurant locations any where in the world. We are here to help you find a location nearby your area. We are doing our best to provide you with the most up-to-date information. For more info about stores around you visit Subway’s official website at

This website allows you to locate sandwich shops and fast-food restaurants close to you, including street addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers, zip codes and maps to get directions from where you are now.

Use the map below to find the nearest Subway Sandwich shop to your location.


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